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Frantoio Magnone

The antique oil mill illustrated here is from the years 1400, witness to the rich tradition of the family Magnone in olive culture and processing in western Liguria.

At our olive mill, located in the tourist town of Finale Ligure on the Palms Riviera in the province of Savona, ancient tradition is in perfect balance with actual progress. Finale Ligure in the Province of Savona

The oils we produce, exclusively of the highest Extra Virgin quality, are scrupulously bottled only at the moment of the request, to ensure their freshness and to keep a perfect maintenance of the typical organoleptic characteristics of our region.

Over time the ancient traditions have been transformed and with the arrival at the company's managment of the actual generation of Magnone brothers, the figure of the oil millers has changed: Magnone Specialitiesfrom first almost exclusively producing olive oil for clients, they have now become real "alimentary entrepreneurs", who produce, in addition to their own oil, famous local gastronomic specialities connected with olive oil (olives in brine, olive paste, different hors-d'oeuvre and vegetables in olive oil, sauces, etc.), as well as a young line of natural cosmetic products based on a modern ecologic concept.

We are proud to count among our clients many well-known companies in Italy and abroad, and to have received recognition of world famous oeno-gastronomical circles